Day Two Shenanigans

Day Two Shenanigans

In which my three wonderful flatmates and I:

1. Find and eat a delicious lunch at The Curved Angel Cafe

2. Walk to the teaching center on Great Russell Street

3. Enjoy a wonderful welcome tea hosted by Donna Vinter, with snacks and fruit and tea.

4. Do some additional grocery shopping at the nearby Sainsbury's (Actually sized like a grocery store)

5. Find a gym to work out! Exciting! Full pool and weight facilities!

6. Get a SIM card for my phone. (£20 for 300 minutes of chat, 6000 texts, & 500 mb of Data)

7. Walk home, grab some menus for places to eat later.

8. Cook supper. (Shrimp pasta with garlic, onions, tomatoes, spinach, peppers, and pesto, with bread.)

9. Go out “for a half hour” (actually 3-4 hours, thanks to some great conversations with some locals)


The First In-House Dinner

(L-R: Tracy, Claire, Adriyel, and Eric)

The Dinner!



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