Bounding about Brussels

Bounding about Brussels

We left Bruges early this morning, arriving in Brussels just around lunchtime. After a quick tour of the city square, we were left free to wander for about two hours. Between a wonderful lunch featuring the best hot chocolate in the world, and the wonderful wandering around the markets and shops surrounding the main square, we were doing quite well. We then visited another amazing museum as a group.


Post-museum, we ventured home to London. It was so wonderful to finally be back in the flat. It's funny how homelike this flat has become. I also enjoyed many Skype chats, including ones with Emily (with grandparents and parents and PUG!!!!), Ben and Chris.


Brussels was beautiful, so enjoy some pictures below.







Beautiful Bruges (Day 2)

Beautiful Bruges (Day 2)

Today was a wonderful day, per usual. I started with an early morning run around the city and finished in the town square as a market began. I bought some rotisserie chicken and some great seeded bread, and enjoyed the fresh bread melding with the hot chicken as the sun came up over the city. I then made my way back to the hostel and enjoyed some breakfast and tea with my fellow Grinnell-In-Londoners.


Post-breakfast, we walked around the city on a walking tour, led by Professor Nuttel, which brought us to the Groeninge Museum. The museum had a fantastic collection of paintings, especially a few spectacular pieces by Jan Van Eyck, a famous painter who worked in Bruges. We analyzed the paintings and enjoyed the incredible opportunity to see them literally inches from our faces.


We then went on to tour a few more places, including a fantastic church with a statue by Michaelanglo! After the museums and churches were all visited, we were free to explore the city. I went chocolate shopping and also picked up a few postcards. It was another wonderful day in Bruges, and I am excited for our trip to Brussels tomorrow. Enjoy the pictures.


View From The Room



A Piece by Jan Van Eyck

Painting Analysis


Pastry Analysis


The Bellfry

The Michelangelo Piece



Beautiful Bruges (Day 1)

Beautiful Bruges (Day 1)

We arrived in Bruges, Belgium today after a wonderfully smooth train voyage from London. It was so incredible going underneath the English Channel and popping up in another country completely. We spent the day touring the city as a class and walking around on our own. Predictably, I managed to get ahold of some very fine chocolate. It was delightful. It's a good thing I do not live here, or I would probably eat the chocolate all day long.


Tomorrow involves more touring and looking at various art pieces throughout the city. I am excited to start my day with an early morning run around the city and along the river and then shop at a market nearby. Then I will meet up with the rest of the group for breakfast in our hostel's morning room. Exciting!





Even the Bricks are Beautiful



Belgian Fries

I Marked Grinnell With Scarlet and Black