Meeting Up with Ed Senn ’79

Meeting Up with Ed Senn ’79

This evening, I met up with Ed Senn ’79, a great friend of my grandparents, Luther and Jenny Erickson. Ed was actually one of my grandma’s employees at the Forum, and has been a part of their lives ever since. He was in London to watch a friend compete in the Paralympics in Cycling. Ed was also extremely generous and got me a ticket for tomorrow to watch with him. Words cannot describe how excited I am.


Ed Senn and Me
I had a great time hanging out with Ed. We talked about a wide range of topics at a nearby pub, from American’s tendency to stick out, to technology, to the interesting and unexpected knowledge gaps within our educational system. Ed also presented me with an awesome pair of socks, with some classic and classy scarlet and black stripes on them. They are sure to become a regular piece of my clothing ensembles. It’s amazing how Grinnellians are truly everywhere in the world. And even more amazing is the instant connection that we make; Grinnellians are a different type of person, and that difference is what connects us.

Post-pub, we made our way to The Golden Hind, where we had some rather phenomenal fish and chips. More on that in the next post!


One thought on “Meeting Up with Ed Senn ’79

  1. Please be sure to thank Ed from us (your parents) for his generosity and time. You are absolutely right about Grinnellians being very special and being able to form an instant bond with other Grinnellians, even if separated by a generation.

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