Indian Food and More at the Bricklane Market

Indian Food and More at the Bricklane Market

We went to Bricklane Market today and it was an amazing experience. (Read more about it in the previous post!) One of the tougher choices of the day was what to eat… There were about twenty different food stands, with each one serving mouth-wateringly good food. In the end, I chose to get a steamed pork bun and some Indian food. It was a great choice. I started with the steamed bun.



It was one of the most interesting eating experiences of my life. It wasn't complex, it wasn't served on a fancy plate, but this simple steamed bun was one of the best things I had ever eaten. Fresh from a woven basket into a napkin, it was still extremely hot to the touch. I waited a minute to dig in, and was greeted by the amazing taste and smell of the pork as the the air pocket inside was pierced, and the pork-infused steam rolled out from within. I added some sweet chili sauce and some soy sauce to the now-open bun, and let the flavors soak into the pork and bun a little. It was a delightful treat to eat it. The pork was juicy and deeply flavorful and almost melted with the bun with every bite. It was so very simple, but so utterly delicious.


Next came the Indian food. I opted for a variety plate, which included two curries, a dish with chickpeas, some mint and yogurt sauce, and rice. Chutneys were on the side for added flavor. (Or, if you prefer, flavour.) The dishes were so hot and intensely flavorful, delivering the tastes and culinary experience that only Indian food can. They all melded together and released the most fantastic smells into the air. Eating this dish of Indian food, surrounded by the noise and chaos of the busting market, I felt oddly calm and at home. These dishes are the same as the ones my family makes, and the strange little bit of comfort and home each bite delivered made the dish all the more satisfying. Food is about more than just taste, it is about experiences, memories, the stuff of life itself. It's a universal factor of the human race. We all have our own foods that, no matter where we are in the world, will always bring us home. Enjoy the pictures below.







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