Play: London Road

Play: London Road

Tonight we saw the play London Road, a verbatim-style play based on interviews with residents of a neighborhood following a series of murders. The victims, all prostitutes, were rather looked down upon by the citizens of the area. The play was incredibly interesting for a variety of reasons. First, the author of the play had to take apart recorded conversations and pick out the important or recurring themes to help craft the story in verbatim. Second, the actors had to reproduce the interviews literally verbatim, with every stutter, pause, and um. Finally, because this was a musical, they also had to sing the lines while not trivializing the subject of the material. It was quite well done, with some intentionally dissonant singing at times helping to emphasize the lack of agreement among the neighbors.


In all, it was a very well done play by some extremely talented actors. I do not expect to ever see anything quite like it again due to its uniqueness and creative approach to the subject. I am still in awe that not only do I get to see such incredible performances, but Grinnell-In-London pays for us to see them.

Flat Group Shot Before the Play


Poster for London Road

Ending Set of London Road, with Flowerpots Abounding



2 thoughts on “Play: London Road

  1. Eric,

    I’m Tracey’s dad. I want to thank you for your regularly updated blog. I not only enjoy your content, but have a chance to catch up on some of Tracey’s activities, which I otherwise would not have access to. Your time management skills must be superior to Tracey’s as she has not found the time to update her own blog since Aug 22nd. Regards.

    1. I think she may have the superior time management skills, actually… She’s sleeping and I’m blogging. One of us has their priorities straight. Thanks for reading!

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