A City of Old & New

A City of Old & New

This morning, we took a walking tour from the Monument to the Great Fire to just below St. Paul's Cathedral. It was an incredibly interesting walk, with Professor Layton-Jones pointing out various places and structures of historical importance. One thing I began to notice as we walked, however, was the incredible blend of the old and new structures. History doesn't build out from London's center, it builds up and around it. We saw numerous rows of buildings with facades and details from various centuries. It's the historical touches that give London its unique feeling. It is a city lost in time. There are places that look unchanged from their same appearances hundreds of years prior. Their juxtaposition next to modern buildings further highlights it. I feel the stark contrast adds a certain beauty to both the old and the new. London may be lost in time, but that's what makes it beautiful.
















One thought on “A City of Old & New

  1. A very good observation & a great eye! London is indeed a living organism, a veritable Phoenix! Between the statues/gargoyles & the ubiquitous CCTV cameras, it feels as if every move is tracked.

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