Delightful Dessert from The Red Gingham Bakery

Delightful Dessert from The Red Gingham Bakery

After my sushi and fresh raspberry lunch, I decided to explore a bit of London. I walked a fair amount until I found the Convent Garden market. It was phenomenal and filled with various food and clothing vendors. The smell of all the delicious food wafting through the air was driving me crazy, so I decided to get myself a little dessert. After walking around the entire market, I decided the treats at The Red Gingham Bakery were my best option.


The next trouble, after deciding a vendor, was deciding what to get. As you'll see from the picture below, I was presented with a plethora of choices. All of the pastry choices looked amazing, but I ended up going with a peanut butter cake piece served miniature cake style and filled with creamy peanut butter.


The cake was divine, perfectly soft and not at all dry. The frosting, while rich, was delicate and fluffy as well, holding a peanut butter cup piece on top. As the music and noise of the market swirled around me, I became engrossed in my delicious cake. Thanks to the wonderful, friendly service, and the incredible quality of the cakes, I will definitely be visiting The Red Gingham Bakery's stand again!





6 thoughts on “Delightful Dessert from The Red Gingham Bakery

  1. Hi Eric, Would you please contact me on 07980827165 – I am the lady who served you that day and need to ask you a favour? thanks Jayne

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