Another Pleasant Day

Another Pleasant Day

Today was another ordinary, exciting day here in London. It was routine, but routine in this city is rife with little surprises and twists. I slept in pretty late today, as we've been really busy this week and I was pretty exhausted. I woke up, had breakfast, and went to the YMCA to work out.

On that note, I am, as of a few days ago, an OFFICIAL student member with full access to all classes and facilities! There are a huge range of classes, and I'm starting out next week with a free session with a trainer, as well as yoga and kettlebell classes. In addition, I am training on Thursdays and Sundays with the swim club, and on Tuesday evenings with a triathlon/distance swimming group. Between the classes, clubs, and my regular training regimen (including exhilarating runs on the Thames, which is surreal to think is real life), I should get in even better shape! Check out my fancy new YMCA card below!

Beautifully Blue YMCA Card


The YMCA was followed by a trip to the British Museum to study and explore. It was immense and totally mind-bogglingly amazing. Highlight of the day? A carved crystal skull from South America. Originally thought to be an exquisite Aztec specimen, it was proved a fake by microscopic analysis that showed use of tools that post-dated by the Aztecs by a few hundred years. Fake or not, it was a beautiful specimen, and brought to mind Indiana Jones and that adventuresome theme song. (Which, incidentally, is my alarm clock song…)

Cue the Indiana Jones Theme…

After puttering around the British Museum for a fair amount of time, I made my way down the street to Mr. Brainwash's art exhibition. This was the exhibition I visited earlier in my adventuring. Mr. Brainwash, I learned after some research, was a prominent follower of the famed graffiti artist, Banksy, and part of the film Exit Through The Gift Shop. The show, with its playful twists on classic pieces, was amusing and thought-provoking as before.

John & Yoko, With a New Message

I returned home on the bus (which I actually love riding) and cooked a supper of Carribean-style rice and beans. It was extremely filling and so very flavorful! I'm learning so much more about cooking and manipulating different types of food. It's an adventure within this big London adventure.

After dinner, we went to the Last Night of the Proms, broadcast in 3D to a nearby cinema. It was a beautiful production, filled with amazing music and a uniquely British style of patriotism. The 3D was quite nicely done and the production was incredible for being streamed live. The music was spectacular, especially two younger virtuosos, one on the violin and the other a terrific tenor opera singer. The enthusiasm and patriotism were infectious, leaving me humming Rule, Brittania all the way home.

Even the Cinemas Are Gorgeous


I came home and Skyped my parents and Emily. It was so nice to just chat for awhile and be reminded of all the treasures that lie back home. And now, onward to sleep!



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