The Wonderful Walk to School

The Wonderful Walk to School

It never fails to amaze me how incredible it is to be going to school in the heart of London. My daily walk to the teaching site seems designed to make sure I stay impressed. I get off of the bus at Museum Street and walk directly north to Great Russell Street. As I turn onto Great Russell Street, I am greeted with the sight of the majestic British Museum. It's impossible not be impressed by its immense size and incredible architecture. I continue walking down Great Russell Street, a wonderful road lined with shops, restaurants, and miniature museums all encased in beautiful and old buildings until I reach number 99. This is the teaching site, and even it astonishes me daily. It is housed in an ornate historical building, and has a massive mural lining its ceiling in the entrance foyer. It is absolutely incredible to see all these amazing sights and it boggles my mind that this is my daily routine.


The British Museum is One Block Away



Great Russell Street


The Teaching Site, #99


Just Inside the Front Door



2 thoughts on “The Wonderful Walk to School

  1. Great observation… glad you realize how incredibly fortunate you are to have this fantastic opportunity and so glad that you appreciate all the doors that Grinnell has opened for you. Xox

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