The Kayak Adventure!

The Kayak Adventure!

I used the website (thanks to Caitlin Beckwith-Ferguson for the tip!) to find a fun opportunity to meet other Londoners. This particular meetup was a kayaking group that was beginner-friendly. I had so much fun.


This was my first experience kayaking. Though it was tougher than expected, I started to understand it better by the end of the trip down and up the River Thames. We went under bridges, around small isles, and down and up with the current. Near the end of the session, with about 500 meters to go, a massive rainstorm was unleashed upon us. I fought the torrential rain and harsh winds in an exhilarating effort to make it upstream and disembark. I had a great time, met some incredibly nice people, and learned a new skill today!



3 thoughts on “The Kayak Adventure!

  1. What a fun adventure! Glad you didn’t get swept all the way down the Thames into the Channel! How do your arms feel tonight? Hint: That’s why you packed ibuprofen. xox

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