Lunch Thali at Malabar Junction

Lunch Thali at Malabar Junction

Today, after a long workout session with a personal trainer at the Y, I walked down the street to Malabar Junction, an Indian restaurant a few doors down from the teaching site. I opted for a Thali, which is a collection of dishes served in small portions in little bowls on a larger tray.

This Thali included: a masala dosa (pancake stuffed with potato), avial (vegetables cooked with coconut, cumin, & spices), rasam (a blend of peppers, tomatoes, tamarind, & spices), sambar (curry of lentils and vegetables in tamarind), curried green banana, Malabar chicken curry, Kerala fish curry, poori, basmati rice, yogurt, pickled mango, and payasam (vermicelli cooked in cardamom milk with raisins and cashews.

It was absolutely delicious and a wonderful treat to indulge in. I really enjoyed the broad range of dishes that getting a Thali allowed for. Malabar Junction also presented it so beautifully and with wonderful service (including a hot towel at the end of the meal!). I shall be returning for more!



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