Greenwich and Great Times

Greenwich and Great Times

Today we visited Greenwich for my History of London course. We examined the area and explored its roles in the the various stages of history, from its major scientific significance to its role in WWII defense and failsafes. After climbing the large hill, we were treated to some of the spectacular views you see below. The area also featured a beautiful rose garden and an old wall still set for WWII land defense. It really makes the history come to life seeing it in such a context. Though the view has undoubtedly changed over the years, the impressiveness has not faded one bit.

After exploring Greenwich, I went home and met my friend Grace and her friend Lauren, both of whom are visiting London. We went to the British Museum and explored all around. It was a great day.

The Prime Meridian!

Rose Garden

Grace and I



2 thoughts on “Greenwich and Great Times

  1. Wow, I thought Greenwich was still a sleepy, somewhat rural town… Can’t believe how much the skyline has changed in the past 30 years since I was last there! It’s fun to see pictures of your classmates. Say “namaste” to Grace from us. Xox

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