London Adventuring!

London Adventuring!

Today was an adventure-filled day!

After class, Grace and I decided to make the most of her last day and see lots of London.

The highlights?

We ate some awesome Indian food, explored a bit of the Tate Modern Art Museum, and climbed the over 300 steps to the top of the Monument to the Great Fire.

We ate Lamb Kalia (lamb and potatoes), Chicken tikka, Stuffed paratha, Papadum, and more at a small restaurant on Bricklane. It was amazing and so delicious! We also picked up some little desserts from a local Indian bakery, and they were another amazing taste of home.

After filling our bellies full of scrumptious food, we proceeded to the Tate Modern to explore a few exhibits. The building was massive and so impressive. It's amazing to see how much art is available to see free in this city. I love just being able to walk ten minutes and see some world-class art for free.

Post-post-modern art experience, we decided to go traditional touristy and climb to the top of the Monument. Over 300 steps later up a spiral staircase, we emerged onto the observation deck and were greeted to an amazing 360 degree view of London. It was absolutely gorgeous and totally worth the arduous climb.

We finally made it home, where I made Parmesan Chicken and some Caprese Salad. Dinner was enjoyed by all. Pictures below, per usual!






It's a Long Way Up…

…And Down







2 thoughts on “London Adventuring!

  1. Climbing stairs to the top of the Monument was a great way to burn off calories from that scrumptious meal! Awesome pictures!!

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