Fish and Chips at The Fryer’s Delight

Fish and Chips at The Fryer’s Delight

Yet another contender has emerged for the crown for London's best fish and chips!

Today, to celebrate Sara's last day here, we went out to the Fryer's Delight. It's a hole-in-the-wall little restaurant that I pass on the bus every day on the way to school. I've been dying to try it. Something about it just screamed authentic, awesome fish and chips. A little research yielded that this little restaurant is a local favorite and often a contender on best fish and chips lists. Needless to say, I was excited to try it!


We arrived right as the Fryer's Delight was opening. As soon as we placed our order, we heard the splash and sizzle that meant our fish and chips were being fried. A few minutes later, a plate of hot-from-the-fryer fish and chips were sitting in front of us. I opted to add some mushy peas on the side, as well as some tartar sauce. After thoroughly dousing the fish with malt vinegar and a slight sprinkling of salt, I dug in!


The fish was out of this world. The breading was wonderfully crisp and held a deep crunch with a simultaneous light crispness. The fish itself was stark white and flaky. Chips were crisp and seemed extremely fresh, without extra seasoning. Mushy peas were standard, but quite a perfect accompanying dish to the meal.

Overall, the meal was a total delight. The small “hidden-treasure” find was an awesome feeling. The overall fish and chips experience felt perfect and super-local. However, the superb mushy peas and even better fish of the Golden Hind still keep it as the leader of the pack. Stay tuned for more fish and chips adventures!





2 thoughts on “Fish and Chips at The Fryer’s Delight

  1. Well Eric you should go to muswell hill and try the fish and chips place that’s across the street from Stansbury market. I believe the restaurant is called Blackwells. It was the best fish and chips I ever had in London! There is also a pizza place 2 stops down from Blackwells called la porchetta (I think that’s how you spell it) that my roommate and I use to eat 3 to 4 times a week it was delicious and cheap! Btw I’m in your father’s Thursday investments class and he said I’d get extra credit if I comment. I don’t know if that’s true but I got a B on the last test so I could use all I could get πŸ™‚ BUT I little does he know I have read quite a few of your blogs already being that you live with my bf little sister πŸ™‚ hope u guys have fun and stay safe

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