Great Day, Many Reasons

Great Day, Many Reasons

Today was another great day in London! What made it so great?

1. An awesome, really long swim at the YMCA. I also got to swim the normal (U.S.) direction for the first time in awhile, which was so refreshing!

2. The lunch I packed was really delicious and nutritious today! (Rice & beans, spinach, tortilla, a clementine, and some Greek yogurt!)

3. I got an incredible care package from my amazing girlfriend, Emily. It included an awesome box of letters and Grinnell memorabilia, copies of the Scarlet & Black and the B&S, a new Honor G t-shirt, and more! It was just what I needed to help fight homesickness. Seriously, best care package ever.

4. I also got some mail from my parents! This included my absentee ballot and a really sweet letter. I am so excited to vote in my first presidential election! Thanks lovely parents!

5. I got to try out an art class today. It was pretty interesting and I learned some techniques for drawing from life. The instructor was very kind and gave me some neat exercises to improve my eye for perspective drawing, which I’ve been trying to improve.

6. Skype conversations with Dad and Emily! Always good to chat with loved ones! (Mom, Cy, Nana, Grandpa & Grandma, and all my beloved Grinnellians, let’s chat soon!!!)

7. Grocery shopping found me some insanely great deals. I got some chicken from the deli for 1/5 of its normal price, thanks to chatting with the burcher. It was on sale because it has to be completely sold by Friday. The butcher also told me she’d let me know if there were other sales on next time I came in.

All-in-all, a good day!


The Art Studio


My Amazing Care Package


One thought on “Great Day, Many Reasons

  1. You are one lucky dog. Glad you realize how fortunate you are. Keep your face turned to the sunshine, even if the sun is hidden behind clouds (or, in London, more likely to be hidden by fog). xoxox

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