Brainwash is Back- Another London Day

Brainwash is Back- Another London Day

Today was pretty simple, but with a few nice perks along the way.

I woke up, went to my Cultures of Empire class, discussed my paper a little more with Professor Prevost, went to the gym, came back to the teaching site for lunch and studying, worked my way through my art history exam (it went really well- studying hard paid off!), then walked home to enjoy the outside.

It was a wonderful surprise to see that the Mr. Brainwash street art exhibit had reopened in an encore of sorts. There were some awesome new pieces and I picked up some more posters and postcards. Pictures below!

After my little tour of the gallery, I continued home. I made a quick sausage pasta with pesto sauce for dinner and got back to studying and writing.

Almost to the end of Finals Week, and I’m doing well! Onward to victory!





Also, I am so excited to see Skyfall when I return from Fall Break.



3 thoughts on “Brainwash is Back- Another London Day

  1. Eric, It looks like you are, as always, enjoying all. Cy, Louise and Bomi were here for the Alumni swim meet and it was fun but no comparison to the exciting
    experiences you are having. We miss you. Love, G & G

  2. Also excited to see Skyfall. Don’t forget Dad and I met at a James Bond movie. If it wasn’t for 007 you might not be here!!

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