Back to Business- London Style

Back to Business- London Style

After a long voyage, it’s great to get back in the swing of a routine.

This morning, I woke up, made some carrot & ginger soup, then got ready to go!

The temperature had dropped to the low forties, high thirties (Fahrenheit), so my leather coat and my handmade scarf (thanks, Emily!) were definitely needed.

I went to the teaching site, the gym, and the grocery store. The gym felt wonderful. I ran, biked, rowed, lifted weights, and swam! I was also pleased to see that the walking canceled out the delicious food, as I gained no weight. (European portions probably played their part as well…)

Dinner was a yummy treat. I made Brie and bacon sandwiches with cranberry sauce. We often have these at our local pub, the Exmouth Arms, and I was dying to make a homemade version.

Tonight, we are watching V for Vendetta. Tomorrow, we celebrate Guy Fawkes Day!!!



3 thoughts on “Back to Business- London Style

  1. You’re looking swell, Guv! Now that you are in training, perhaps it’s time to cut back on the B&B (sounds like a cheese-chapati on steriods). xox

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