Beginning in Barcelona

Beginning in Barcelona

Greetings from Barcelona, Spain! It's been a crazy-busy day, so get ready!


I started this morning with an alarm for 4:07 AM. After a quick shower, a packing of lunch, and the ever-important cup of morning tea, we (Caitlin and I) headed to the tube station. We caught the tube to an airport bus, and from there we flew to Spain!


Soon after arriving in Spain, we managed to catch a bus to our hotel! The hotel turned out to be quite nice despite our budget pricing. (Off-season for tourism really helps us get good places for cheap.) After a quick recharge at the hotel, we went to the city center. We managed to get to the city center thanks to a kind Spanish woman who explained how the tickets and transport system worked to me, and then helped guide us until our paths diverged!


A few blocks away from the station lay La Rambla, a bustling street. One section off of the main road hosts a large food market! I started with some fresh pitahaya (dragonfruit) juice, then ate an amazing tamale, then indulged in another juice (kiwi, this time!), and finally exited the market with a single skewer of sliced meats and sausages!


We then walked along the pier and down to the beach, enjoying the scenery. Finally, we enjoyed a tapas-style dinner and made it home to finally rest. All in all, a busy but enjoyable day on the journey!



Flying into Spain


View from the hotel room balcony

Market Stand


Pitahaya (Dragonfruit) Juice

Pitahaya (Dragonfruit)

Fruit Stand


Tamales wrapped in leaves


Fresh Kiwi Juice

Meat Skewers




The Explorer

Pretty Shell


Caitlin enjoying the beach!


Enjoying the beach

Sunset and Ships


Goodnight, Barcelona!



2 thoughts on “Beginning in Barcelona

  1. Mi hermano Espanol! Espero que disfrutes la tierra de vino y magica, y toma muchos fotos para mi y nuestra familia. Y si puedas comprarme una camiseta de Cesc (un futbolista de Barca), me gustaria mucho! Un abrazo fuerte! equis, o

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