Portabello Road Market and More!

Portabello Road Market and More!

Today I explored the famous Portabello Road market, met up with my cousin, and cooked a group supper.

I started my morning with a big workout at the YMCA, which made sure I was hungry for the market. Ther was plenty of good food available, and from all corners of the world. I ended up getting an arepa (a Venezuelan dish similar to pita sandwich) stuffed with black beans, beef, and chicken! It as amazing and totally what I was craving.

I then walked along Portabello Road, looking at the various cool items available to buy, including every type of vintage and outstanding silver pieces. There were also various street performers, food vendors, and more!

After enjoying their market, I walked over to my cousin Alyssa's apartment to hang out and try some of her amazing pastries. (She is studying pastry at the Cordon Bleu.) We also watched some tv, video-chatted our Nana, and just chatted about life in London.

Finally, I made my way home, made some of my homemade Mac and cheese (a practice run for our Thanksgiving potluck offering) and enjoyed having my flat, plus neighbors in Teddy and Joe, plus guests in Chrissy and Lauren. It was a fun meal and we had some great conversation and some apple turnovers from Portabello Road Market.

All in all, a good day!

Market Stand


Street Performer

Bubble floating over the market

Market Donuts


Arepas Being Cooked


Alyssa's Creations- WOW!!!



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