Taking in the Tate Britain

Taking in the Tate Britain

Today, I visited the Tate Britain, a lovely art museum along the Thames, just a few minutes walk from Parliament.

I began my day with a light breakfast, then headed to the Victoria Coach Station to pick up my discount card for the bus so I would have it for tomorrow’s journey. (I’m spending the weekend in Edinburgh, Scotland! More on that soon!)

After picking up the card, I decided to walk along the Thames for awhile and see what I would find along the way. I knew that there were a bunch of interesting things to see in the area, and I decided to go with whatever caught my eye.

After a nice, long walk in some grey, windy weather, the Tate Britain looked quite inviting. I popped inside and made my way through a good portion of the exhibits. It had some amazing pieces and some really interesting installations. After exploring all that the Tate Britain had to offer, I decided I would enjoy a quick coffee in the cafe before braving the elements again. I sat down with my mocha and engaged in some excellent people watching. (The crowd, a menagerie of arts students and retired folks, made for quite an interesting mix, especially as bits of conversation floated through the cafe.)

Finally, I made my way to the tube by walking past Westminster. Big Ben looked awesome in the misty rain that was coming down. I rode the tube to the gym, had a great workout, and made supper when I got home. The evening was spent cleaning and making Skype calls with my parents, pug, and Emily, so I felt very connected with home. All in all, a good day.




An Amazing Painting


A Modern Art Sculpture


An Interesting Sketch


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