Hello Harrods!

Hello Harrods!

Today, I adventured around Harrods, London's famous department store.

It was impressive and slightly insane. Four floors of shopping, filled with luxury items in every category. I began at the bottom, starting at the food hall, which was really cool. I saw all sorts of amazing food items and the quality was amazing, particularly for the chocolate craftsmanship. Although it was outside my price range, it was still really enjoyable to see what amazing food a large budget can create. I ventured through the various floors, flitting between being astounded by products and then being astounded by their prices. (This was particularly prevalent in the watches department. They were beautiful masterpieces, but I also saw one that cost £38,785.)

The crowds were also massive, as this is one of the last Sundays before the holidays. I had to sometimes just ride the flow of the crowd to get from room to room. It was a fun way to spend part of the day, and an amazing store to just enjoy the people-watching in. All in all, a good day.

All Lit Up


Harry Potter Wands!

Underwater Sea Scooter. Not Even Joking.



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