Spring Break, Wellness Tech, and Photography

Spring Break, Wellness Tech, and Photography

Hello all!

I’ve made it to spring break! It should be great to spend some time with my dad as we venture up to Madison together! The app is going quite well, and it now is just a matter of adding sufficient pictures and information to it. I was also accepted as a presenter at the Humanities Symposium for my work on the app, so that is exciting!

On the wellness side of things, I am working on designing the wellness app project and putting together orders for our Wellness Lounge. (More on that in a few weeks!) It’s so interesting to see all the various technologies dedicated to tracking fitness and wellness data. The New York Times had a great section on activity trackers and wellness technology this week. Check out these articles:

One thought on “Spring Break, Wellness Tech, and Photography

  1. I really like your juxtaposition of the indoor and outdoor swimming areas (flood water)! Looking forward to flat-hunting in Madison next week! xoxo

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