Bounding about Brussels

Bounding about Brussels

We left Bruges early this morning, arriving in Brussels just around lunchtime. After a quick tour of the city square, we were left free to wander for about two hours. Between a wonderful lunch featuring the best hot chocolate in the world, and the wonderful wandering around the markets and shops surrounding the main square, we were doing quite well. We then visited another amazing museum as a group.


Post-museum, we ventured home to London. It was so wonderful to finally be back in the flat. It's funny how homelike this flat has become. I also enjoyed many Skype chats, including ones with Emily (with grandparents and parents and PUG!!!!), Ben and Chris.


Brussels was beautiful, so enjoy some pictures below.








One thought on “Bounding about Brussels

  1. All that caffeine & chocolate probably caused the “bounding.” Glad you had a fun time exploring Bruges and Brussels.

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