And so the packing goes…

And so the packing goes…

I leave for London on Monday. 

I currently have my things all laid out, somewhat folded, and suitcases picked from the plethora that live in the basement. Today, I will attempt to fit everything needed for my four-ish month abroad experience into three suitcases. I’m missing the days when I was younger and everyone was permitted two LARGE checked bags for free. Now, the biggest bag I can take must weigh less that 51 pounds fully packed. The other two bags are a Nike swimming backpack filled with what doesn’t fit into the checked bag, and my backpack filled with my electronics and other valuables.

 Yesterday’s attempt at packing the things I had chosen did not end in success. Instead, I was forced to cull my already meager (in my prone-to-overpacking opinion) clothing choices even more. Tonight, I will try again, filling the suitcases and hoping they don’t exceed the elf-sized weight limits. 

This is going to be good. 


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