Packing: Complete

Packing: Complete

I'm writing this post waiting for my plane from Des Moines to Detroit to board. However, there's a charge for wi-fi in DSM and Detroit, so I'm waiting until I hit London to actually post this online.

But in any case, the rest of the packing went really (suprisingly) smoothly. I got the bags packed without going over the limits too much thanks to help from the venerable Bomi Mistry, my dad.


The Awesomely-Orange Interior of My Suitcase


The Packed Bags

The Essential Carry-On Items

  • (Flip Video Camera, iPhone 3GS, Waterproof Photo pouch, Extra-Battery Charger, iPad Photo Adapter, iPad, DSLR, & Leather Journal)


We managed to fit all of the essentials, but some more objects had to be sacrificed to fit within the weight and size requirements. My tripod, some extra contact solution, and a few extra shirts were left behind at home. It's slightly nerve-racking fitting everything I will be taking for a 3-month+ journey into just three bags, but it's also comforting to know that I will be able to get anything I really need fairly easily by being in the modern metropolis of London.


Let the traveling begin!



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