Moved In, and the First Adventure!

Moved In, and the First Adventure!

I am finally starting to settle into London.


The flights were pretty uneventful, and I met some interesting people en route. Jackie, a retired nurse from Toledo, Ohio, regaled me with stories of her family, experiences as a nurse, and her travels in Europe when she was younger. A nameless couple from the English countryside encouraged me to check out Wagamama, a Japanese Fusion restaurant. Alice, a student from the UK, gave me a list of clubs, landmarks, and restaurants to check out.

After surviving the flight (with The Hunger Games and Safe House providing me with some in-flight entertainment) I breezed through customs thanks to my program letter being and decent organization of other documents.

I then met up with the renownedly-efficient London public transportation system for the first time. Two tube rides and a taxi (with an entertaining “is he actually speaking English?!?!?!?” cab driver) ride later, I arrived at the flat. It's pretty awesome, and I will be posting some pictures as soon as I am unpacked.

After a quick flat orientation and the timely arrival of my final flatmate, we went on our first adventure. We ventured out to find some groceries for our daily meals. Successful in our quest, we returned home victorious, the spoils of a small local grocery now reside in our fridge. Tomorrow, we will be having some pasta with with garlic roasted shrimp, spinach, and red sauce, with a small salad. Tonight, however, we celebrate by going out to eat!

More on that soon. (hopefully with pictures!)



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