The first Tube ride and more!

The first Tube ride and more!

We survived (actually thrived) with another beautiful day in London. Temperatures were in the 60s-70s Fahrenheit, with a slight breeze rolling around the city. We did not have any school plans, but had a fair amount of goals to accomplish throughout the day.

  1. Find a wok/frying pan and knife
  2. Find hangers and a set of doorstops
  3. Get Oyster Cards (London Public Transport pre-pay cards)
  4. Eat somewhere cool for lunch
  5. Explore the city a bit


Not only did we manage to do all that, but we also accomplished some other awesome (baby-steps, but awesome) tasks on our third day in London.

We also:

  1. Successfully took the Underground, even changing lines!
  2. Adventured all over SoHo and Chinatown
  3. Found a delightful costume shop that amused us and was the source of our new proud Union Jack dining room decoration.
  4. Had some phenomenal bubble-tea!
  5. Navigated to a open-air market on a local's “English-language” instructions… (left, right, left, right, right, down an alleyway…)
  6. Purchased mangos, kiwis, asparagus, and more at the aforementioned market.
  7. Cooked an awesome dinner of stir-fried garlic chicken and veggies with rice noodles.

We are having an amazing time adventuring together, and are heading to orientation tomorrow! Enjoy the pictures below!

Awesome Building in SoHo

My Delightful Flatmates

Tracey's Rainbow Hat

Adriyel's Fierce Viking Look

Tracey and Claire Being English

Captain Mistry

Flat Dinner! (With Flag!)

The Stir-Fry



Fresh Kiwis and Mango



2 thoughts on “The first Tube ride and more!

    1. It’s pretty gorgeous here, but we are prepared for rain this Monday. It’s a Bank Holiday, and has notoriously rained here on that day every year in memory.

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