Lunchkins at Munchkins

Lunchkins at Munchkins

Midway through our orientation day, we were set loose for lunch in the local neighborhood. We set out and found a fairly touristy, but reasonable place called Munchkins. We sat down, ordered a few plates of Fish and Chips, and waited!



It was a decently eloquent affair for lunch. The fish was fried in a thick crust that I soaked with some malt vinegar and broke into. The fish was warm, hot, and delicious, if a bit overcrusted. It was kind of a good thing that Munchkins was so touristy, as it somewhat intensified that this was my FIRST English fish and chips! I was struck with a new mission: to find the greatest fish and chips in London. Stay tuned for that adventure in upcoming posts. The fish was accompanied by chips (or fries as we Yanks/Americans call them) and a kind of mashed peas dish. The chips were quite tasty, especially with a bit of vinegar and ketchup.

We then rushed back to the school building and had a long walk around the area for orientation. That post comes next!



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