The Garden Party

The Garden Party

After an amazing time at Westminster, we hopped onto the tube to ride out of London to Professor Vinter's home for a garden party. Though the skies looked threatening the whole way there, the large storm held off until we were all safely inside. We had a great time navigating the tube as a group, and all are feeling very accomplished for learning a new transportation system.

The Tube Masters


Professor Vinter had laid out a wonderful spread in our honor. Multiple quiches, amazing side dishes, and some scrumptious cheeses were all offered to us. Some amazing cakes and soul-warming tea followed the main course. Though the food was already marvelous, after a long morning of touring Westminster, it was nearly divine. It was also so comforting to just be fed and taken care of after a few days of fending for ourselves and fighting off jet lag. After sating our hunger (and then some), we sat around, chatting with one another and sharing tales and tips from our first days in London. It was a great atmosphere, and with all the Grinnellians and good food surrounding me, it truly felt like home.

A Feast Fit For Westminster


Say Cheese! (Quite Literally)


The Happiness That Good Food Brings

Claire in the Garden


The Effects of Good Food and a Comfy Couch


Let Us Eat Cake!


Slicing the Cake


Professor Vinter's Husband Serving Cake

The Birthday Girl Having Her Cheesecake


Sharing Food and Conversation



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