Street Art Surprise!

Street Art Surprise!

As I ventured home from the teaching site, I decided to walk a parallel route one street to the south and see what new stuff I could find. A large set of graffitied walls caught my attention. It turned out to be a free art exhibition by LA-based Mr. Brainwash. I walked inside the warehouse that was showing the pieces and was astounded by the amazing works of art that Mr. Brainwash had created. They were just astounding pieces that provoked wonder and laughter and smiles. It was an amazing exhibit that I plan to visit again tomorrow, and I found it just by taking an alternate route home. It's amazing what lays hidden within this city, and I can't wait to see what else I'll find. Enjoy the pictures below!



















2 thoughts on “Street Art Surprise!

  1. This is amazing art!

    Your must be in Heaven, no?

    Why go to the Tate Gallery when All You Need Is… Brainwashing?

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