Lunch Munch at Home

Lunch Munch at Home

I got home from class today and decided to treat myself to a nice, healthy little lunch after a good class, some long walks, and another morning of working out intensely. The special treat of the day was market-fresh strawberries I got at a nearby market. They were ripe, red, and totally delicious.

Strawberries, Utterly Delicious Strawberries

The lunch was rounded out with some low-fat yogurt, some pita strips I warmed up, celery, Brie cheese (surprisingly inexpensive here), a few tea biscuits, some pepper hummus, and of course, a nice cup of Assam tea, with two toffees for dessert. It was delicious and quite enjoyable. The simple food was a nice change of habit from the rather more extravagant flavors of late.

My Mini-Feast

Tea, Glorious Tea.



One thought on “Lunch Munch at Home

  1. Sounds wonderful! Are you going to blog about “Chariots” (one of my all-time favorite movies, especially since it has a nice connection to Grinnell)?

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