Checking Out Chekhov’s Classics

Checking Out Chekhov’s Classics

After a rainy day in London filled with classes and grocery shopping for the week, we went to the Young Vic Theatre to see an incredible and modern production of Anton Chekhov’s Three Sisters. I had fourth row seats and bought a program that included the play’s script, which made it easier to keep track of the characters and their dialogues.

The production itself was impressive, with creative use of the unique stage that was made up of many small platforms that the set crew moved between scenes. Small modern twists on Chekhov’s writing, such as the addition of small bits of songs from modern ages and a reworking of certain scenes to better fit the contemporary Russia it was set in.

I really enjoyed that play and all of the existential questions it raised within my mind. The performers were all so talented at portraying their character’s emotions that we left the performance slightly drained from the intense emotionalism of the play. I am still so impressed that we get to see an amazing play like this every week for free! It’s something I would probably done way less, so I am so thankful to the Grinnell-in-London program for providing us with these intensely cultural experiences.



One thought on “Checking Out Chekhov’s Classics

  1. “Three Sisters” is as complicated as it gets… those Russian authors sure know how to pile on characters! Glad you enjoyed! OK, I give up… what do you mean by “798?”

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