London Days (And Welcoming Sara to London!)

London Days (And Welcoming Sara to London!)

Today was a nice recharging day. I slept in a little, made a breakfast with eggs, smoked salmon (extremely cheap here!!!), Leister Red cheese, a baguette, oranges, yogurt and tea, then read some course readings and cleaned a little while my breakfast settled. I then went to the gym, where I got a wonderful workout in. I then dropped into Primark, which is a fashion-centric yet super frugal English clothing shop, as they just opened a new shop down the street from the gym. I snagged a new sweater and an awesome tie for under ten pounds, which is a total steal. After Primark, I grabbed pittas and tomato sauce from the grocery and some amazing pepperoni from a local Italian foodshop down the street from our flat.

I then came home and made pizzas after I skyped my family. Sara, one of my Grinnell swimming buddies, arrived from Sweden just as I was finishing making the pizzas. We had the delicious little pizzas (pepperoni, basil, spinach, and garlic) and then I took Sara out to her first English Pub! I then came home, skyped Emily, and cleaned a little more. We adventure to Kew Gardens tomorrow!


Sara and Me!


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