Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens

This morning, we adventured to Kew Gardens, a botanical reserve on the due of London. We took at short walking tour with Professor Guenther, then proceeded to explore and relax for the remainder of the afternoon within the park until we decided to go home. I ventured all around, snapping shots of various flora, some birds, and some amazing scenery that included greenhouses and follies. (small English pleasure structures that served as relaxation spots for the English)

Some highlights form the trip Included an amazing tour around the gardens and the amazing walkway nearby that rose over 40 feet above the ground! I also got to see a phenomenal set of artworks by Robert Nash.













6 thoughts on “Kew Gardens

  1. Such beautiful pictures today. Are the larger purple flower lilies? Love them and also the peacock, representing India. Please wish Ruksh happy Parsi bday tomorrow from all of us. Give our love to Alyssa and Doj as well. We miss youxxoo

    1. Weirdly enough, those are crocuses that have opened early because the climate change has confused them!

      And I will! We are meeting up today to see Alyssa’s apartment and relax a little!

  2. Eric, thanks for sharing your days in London with us . I fwd them to Nanoo & he too enjoys them! He thinks you write so well & of course we love your photography & are always looking forward to your next blog !! Tons of love, Nana XOX

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