Family and Chinatown Lunch

Family and Chinatown Lunch

Today was another fun day! I woke up, caught the tube to my Aunt Ruksh's hotel, picked her up, and we made our way to my cousin Alyssa's apartment. She is studying to be a pastry specialist at the Cordon Bleu. (Which sounds absolutely incredible!) She has a wonderful apartment in Notting Hill, which is just a short tube ride away. It will be so much fun to be able to visit often, as usually we are separated by a few oceans! (She being from Mumbai, and me being from Iowa.)


In any case, after enjoying Alyssa's apartment a little, we made our way down to the Chinatown area for a lovely lunch with Hufriz, one of Ruksh's and (Uncle) Doj's friends. We ate at a lovely and amazing Chinese restaurant known as Joy King Lau. It was so delicious. We shared some delectable dim sum, superb hot and sour soup, and some stupendous stir-fry dishes with roast duck and pork.


It was so enjoyable to get to eat with my family. It felt so nice and relaxed and so much fun. Ruksh and Doj always take such good care of me. I'm looking forward to hanging out with Alyssa in London and enjoying the adventures to come!

(L->R) Hufriz, Me, Aunt Ruksh, Alyssa, Uncle Doj


Hot and Sour Soup




2 thoughts on “Family and Chinatown Lunch

  1. Thanks my Eric for your blog & picture . It’s the first picture I got to see of them in London! Please take care of my Alyssa(girls are difficult to handle especially since they are spoilt in Mumbai ! ) since this will be her first time alone & in an unfamiliar place.Thanks again — I know you have your hands full with your own stuff. Love Nana XOX

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  2. Nicely done, E! As Nana said, we are counting on you to ensure that Alyssa gets settled in. I’m not too worried, as Alyssa is a very mature AND adventurous young woman. What a great opportunity for you guys to bond!

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