Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey

Today, for my Cultures of Empire Class, we visited Westminster Abbey. It was an amazing experience. The architecture is so grand and impressive, and I spent a great deal of time in awe that this building was built without modern technology. The soaring ceilings and unbelievable stained glass were out of this world.

We went all around the building, touring the memorials and examining the various graves and statues for imperialistic flair. I saw some famous authors’ memorials in Poet’s Corner, including Kipling’s and Dickens’. (Sadly, no photography was allowed in many sections of the church) I am consistently pleasantly surprised by the little things that remind me that London is such an old and important city, and standing above a memorial to Charles Dickens is just one of those things!


One thought on “Westminster Abbey

  1. No more teasing Grandma about the menu sheet when the Mistry’s and the California Erickson’s visit. Love, G

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