Lunchtime Experiment: Success!

Lunchtime Experiment: Success!

Today I panfried salmon for the first time on my own. I seasoned it with chili powder, pepper, garlic and rosemary. The spice combination really infused into the fish and made it extra-delicious! I read about five different articles on how best to cook the fish and good ways to serve it. With that bit of preparation done, I began to craft my lunch.


I started by seasoning the fish and letting the spices set while I cooked up some couscous with cilantro and chickpeas and a bit of crumbly English cheese. With the couscous done in its pot and the frying pan ready for the salmon, I lowered the fillet in gently and let the heat work its magic. At the proper point, I flipped the fish and removed the skin off of the back of the fish. I then let the fish cook nicely until it was ready, then plated it. A final touch saw me tossing some spinach into the already hot pan to wilt it and infuse it with the taste of the salmon itself. The salmon and its two sides made a healthful, delicious lunch.



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