The Country Walk

The Country Walk

Today we went on a country walk in East Sussex. It was a slightly chilly and damp day, but it warmed up as we kept going. It was so fun to follow a basic map and some rather complex instructions and actually end up reaching our intended destination. It was also a photographer’s paradise; Greg and I kept falling slightly behind to take photos. The scenery was beautiful and it was nice to escape into nature for a bit after living in the city for so long. We trekked through forests, fields, and muddy paths. After more than five miles (a bitmore for Greg and myself, as we got somewhat separated from the group and took a diversionary route for awhile) we ended up at a country pub, The Rose and Crown! where I had a phenomenal fish and chips for lunch before coming home. Enjoy some of the pictures below!




Greg and I, the Photographers

The Tree Was Asking For It…


We Saw an Amazing Rainbow





3 thoughts on “The Country Walk

  1. So, you are saying that the pot of gold was found at the The Rose and Crown? Any why no pictures of the fish and chips? 🙂

  2. Thanks for adding the picture of the “gold” found at the end of the rainbow. Although, “golden-brown” might be a better description.

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