Sunday Surprise

Sunday Surprise

In London, a surprise is waiting around every corner.

What started out as a routine trip to get groceries turned into an awesome little jaunt into the local art scene. I had gotten off of my bus that brings me close to the supermarket, Sainsburys, when I saw a poster for the Islington Contemporary Art and Design Fair. I thought that sounded pretty awesome, so I followed the signs to a local gallery/artspace.

Inside, I found a small collection of local artists selling their works from stands and explaining their work processes to anyone who was interested. I struck up a particularly interesting conversation with a local printmaker who had some amazing prints and t-shirts. I also found something else awesome in the gallery: a flyer that proclaimed that drop-in art lessons on weekday evenings were starting up soon. Even better? They are only £7, which is about what a lunch out costs. I am really excited to try out these classes and become a better artist.


It was a great little Sunday surprise. I always am excited to find little galleries or unexpected awesomeness in my daily life around the city. It's totally worth investing a little more time and going off of the beaten path or daily routine. Though it may be overused, the often-quoted Robert Frost poem says it best, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I/ I took the one less traveled by/ And that has made all the difference.”




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