Evans and Peel Detective Agency and more…

Evans and Peel Detective Agency and more…

It was a dark and (slightly) stormy night…

This is London, after all. A little rain comes with the territory. Tonight, we made our way down to the Evans and Peel Detective Agency, a speakeasy-style novelty bar. I had found out about it via some sleuthing online, and it sounded like my kind of place.

This is an establishment that takes its persona very seriously, and to great effect. We found the nondescript door in an alley off of a main street and pressed the intercom buzzer. After a brief exchange where we confirmed our “appointment” with the detective, we were let in and led to a small office. The office looked straight out of the 1920’s, lit with candlelight and complete with an old telephone and typewriter. The detective, in character, asked us about our case. We said we were looking for “a six-fingered swordsman who had killed my father many years ago in Spain.” (Princess Bride, anyone?) The detective said he’d look into it, then swung open a hidden door built into the bookcase and led us inside.

Inside, we found a dark, mysterious dining room, and were led to a table. The menus were wonderful, typewritten on old paper and attached to a filing envelope. The attention to detail was so impressive, and we were having a blast. We ordered some mysterious, old fashioned drinks and a few small appetizers recommended by our waitress, and then reveled in the atmosphere. We felt so classy and like members of a secret club. It was well worth the effort and price.

After stealthily exiting the detective agency, we decided to get some dinner at a nearby pub, the Churchill Arms, a combination English pub/Thai restaurant. After enjoying a pint while we waited, we were finally seated and could enjoy supper. I got the Pad Kee Mao, an extremely spicy and delicious noodle dish with shrimp, chicken, and beef. It was phenomenal.

All in all, another good night. Case closed.


One thought on “Evans and Peel Detective Agency and more…

  1. Sounds anything but elementary, my dear Watson!

    In fact, it sounds downright fishy… but, I guess, that is a story for another day/blog.


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