Room Change-Up!

Room Change-Up!

Between polishing off some final papers and readings for our Phase 1 classes, my flatmates and I redid our room setup as an epic, multipart study break. I now have a small single where the living room once was, Tracey has moved to the formerly small double (now a single), and Claire and Adriyel now live in the big double room that has the adjoining bathroom.

It was a fairly painless process, and we had discussed it before. It works out really advantageously for everyone. Tracey and I both get singles, and Adriyel and Claire get to share a much larger room. I also get a special bonus; because I tend to be very warm all the time, I can keep my windows open in my room now. (Currently, my room is about ten degrees cooler than the rest of the apartment. It's wonderful.)


I'm loving the new set-up. I have reposted all of my pictures and my calendar, and my ever-giving chive plant can now sit happily on my windowsill. I have my couch for studying on and my comfy bed for lounging. It was a fun study break, and it was a rearrangement where everyone won.


All in all, another good day.



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