Georgia and Natisha Come to Visit!

Georgia and Natisha Come to Visit!

It was fun arriving home from Spain late last night to come home to two of my friends visiting London and staying with us! Georgia and Natisha joined us from their study abroad experience in Denmark. It is always such fun to get to spend time with Grinnellians outside of our natural (Grinnell) habitat and to share London with visitors.

I spent the early part of the day doing homework, going to class, and working out, but we got to spend the evening together. I made the whole group (our flat plus our two visitors) some chicken fajitas for dinner and then we all relaxed in the apartment. Of course, no visit to London is complete without a nice visit to a pub, so we popped over to my favorite pub, The Exmouth Arms, and enjoyed a round of drinks and some great conversation. It was a wonderfully relaxing way to finish off the evening. Tomorrow, Natisha, Georgia, and myself are going to enjoy the London Eye, Chinatown, and whatever else we can find to do!


Georgia and I


Pub Time! (L->R: Georgia, me, Natisha, Claire, Caitlin)



One thought on “Georgia and Natisha Come to Visit!

  1. What wonderful times with so many Grinnellians. We had a wonderful dinner with Allie and Emily and Emily Pfitsch. Great evening. L. G & g

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