Tonight, I went to a performance of Wicked.

It was absolutely phenomenal! I was really excited yesterday after I managed to snag a ticket for a really good price from the Leicester Square. I had seen Wicked before in Des Moines, so I was excited to see how it differed in London.

There wasn't much of a difference in the show set-up, which I think is pretty standardized, but the venue was incredible. From the moment I stepped into the theatre, I felt like I was in a different place. Everywhere shimmered with emerald light, and all of the facilities had been Oz-ified. The Art Deco style of the building just added to the effect. I felt like I was immersed in Oz.

The show was amazing, with a very talented cast. It was fun to hear a few tweaks (school was referred to as “Uni”) that made it uniquely British. As always, the story and its unique twist on the world of the Wizard was… Wonderful.

Outside the Venue


Just Before the Entrance


Poster Inside


The Set

The Emerald Bar



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