The Tower Of London!

The Tower Of London!

Today, I visited the Tower of London. It was magnificent: I explored the history of the tower, saw the Crown Jewels, and snagged some amazing shots of tower bridge!

I began my day with a wonderfully long workout at the YMCA, and then came home, had brunch, and went off to the Tower with my friend and classmate, Deb Tillman. We adventured around the tower complex with our guide named Barney, saw the Crown Jewels, and walked the the tower ramparts. It was awesome. I was amazed by the vast amount of history and historical figures attached to the tower. I also enjoyed taking a bunch of pictures of the Tower Bridge. Check them out below.

Also, amazingly, I have fewer than ten days left in London. It's been an incredible journey, but I'm really excited for home. I feel like I have seen and done so much over this abroad experience. It is exciting to see what I can fit int the next few days, but I feel content with all I have accomplished thus far.


Pictures below, per usual! (Enjoy the pictures of Tower Bridge at various times of the day!)




Our Guide, Yeoman Barney







3 thoughts on “The Tower Of London!

  1. Gorgeous pictures!! (As always!)

    So exciting that you got to see the Crown Jewels, but I suspect that Kate got to see them before you…. It’s been speculated that twins may be in the Royal Oven?

  2. Loved your pictures of the Tower bridge and Big Ben–and the highlights of all of your trips around Europe. You’ve made the most of your opportunities–and we’ve really enjoyed being part of the adventures. Thank you for rour dilligent reporting.

    Look forward to seeing you back in Grinnell in a few days.

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