Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

As the days left in London shrink rapidly, I've been finishing off a few “must-see” sights and events around London. Today, I visited the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland.


It was a beautiful evening outside, and after walking down a dark park path for a few minutes, my eyes and ears were met with the sights and sounds of a full-blown festival! The whole section of Hyde Park was filled with festive wooden booths selling food and holiday gifts, as well as full selection of carnival rides and games. It was fun to walk around and see all of the sights and people enjoying themselves. I enjoyed a delicious pork sandwich with stuffing and walked around the whole park. It made me even more excited that I get to be home for the holidays. It's just around the corner! Pictures below!



Long Exposure of the Ferris Wheel



3 thoughts on “Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

  1. Eric, I have been following your blog site and checking it is one of the first items on my agenda each day – checking to see “Where In The World Is Eric?” I, actually we, are of the opinion that you should change whatever your major is and move to a Culinary Arts course of study. The previous comment seems to indicate that Mom is ready for you to head home. Enjoy your final days and I hope we get to see you next summer. Rich and Jan Erickson

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