Bricklane & Family Dinner

Bricklane & Family Dinner

Today was quite a fun day! I enjoyed going to my final Sunday market at Bricklane, and also got to have my cousin and her friends over to my flat for supper.

I began the day at Bricklane, browsing the stands and enjoying lots of delicious food! My favorite treat of the day was a s'mores whooping pie from a bakery stand. It was amazing. The cake was perfect and dipped in dark chocolate, with a tasty toasted marshmallow center. YUM!



Classic London

After eating a bunch, I made my way to the gym, enjoyed a good workout, hit up the grocery store, and set about making a dinner! I made a caprese salad and a pasta with roasted chorizo and tomatoes in a creamy tomato pesto sauce. It had to be good, because we were having guests tonight!

My cousin Alyssa came over for supper with her boyfriend, Toony Goghavala, and her friend, Maya Tata. It was wonderful. We enjoyed a great dinner and conversation together, as well as the wonderful wine and great little cookies that Alyssa baked for us. (Let's put it this way… That pastry education is WORKING! They were gone in mere minutes!) All in all, a good day, and a great FINAL Sunday.


The Whole Group


Our Guests and Me




Alyssa and Maya

Toony and Alyssa



2 thoughts on “Bricklane & Family Dinner

  1. What a delicious way to spend your last Sunday in London! Sounds like a great time was had by all… proof that Nana’s “cooking genes” are alive and well!!!

  2. Eric hon, it was great seeing & talking to you last night! As a Nana, I was thrilled that Alyssa & you got together for a home cooked meal! Actually, you were the main chef while Alyssa contributed to the dessert. What fun & it shows in the pictures you sent!! My friends, to whom I forwarded your blog, said, “What handsome grandkids you have!” Tons of love, my Eric, & a big God Bless. Nana XOX

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