A Fun Day at the V&A (…And Natural History Museum)

A Fun Day at the V&A (…And Natural History Museum)

Today was a massive museum day!


I started with the Victoria and Albert Museum. It is such a vast, amazing space filled with countless treasures. I explored various rooms for a few hours, marveling at all of the incredible handiwork. It always astounds me to realize how much incredible stuff was made before the advent of modern technologies like computers or even electricity. I just see so much potential in the human race by looking at our past and seeing the marvels we could make in the old past, and dreaming of the incredible, unimaginably awesome things the future will hold.


After the V&A, I traveled to the nearby Natural History Museum. Its imposing exterior is matched by the majestic interior, filled to the brim with scientific treasures. I went through a special exhibit on the museum's most valuable acquisitions (including a Neanderthal skull and a first edition of On The Origin of the Species), an exhibit on evolution, and the museum's giant collection of minerals. The collection was housed in a massive hall lined with rows on rows of display cases. It was a geology enthusiast's dream, and totally ROCKED! (Okay… awful pun, I apologize.)


After all of the museum walking, I was hungry, so I swung into Chinatown to grab a cheap Baozi (steam bun), then headed off to the gym. After the gym, I made a supper that used up almost the last of our food stocks! The end is near! All in all, a good day!



Buddha From the V&A

Another Buddha

…And Yet Another Buddha.


Exquisite Arabian Carpet


Bronze Statue


Ivory Framed in Wood

V&A Courtyard


Entrance to the Natural History Museum






The Rock Hall





Topaz (Mom's Favorite)




Magnificent Opals!



3 thoughts on “A Fun Day at the V&A (…And Natural History Museum)

  1. The most beautiful pics yet! Especially loved the topaz (of course) and the agate pictures. We are going to miss your posts but cannot wait to have you home!!!xxoomom

  2. Eric ,what great tours you take us through, also your pictures are mind-blowing –oh! How we are going to miss this ! 😥. Love you lots, Nana.XOX

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