The Next Stage of the Blog

The Next Stage of the Blog


After a few months of customization and work, The Life and Times of Eric Mistry is ready for a slew of new posts. Also, please note: the site URL is now

Here’s what you can expect over the next few months.

1. Updates on my MAP (Mentor Advised Project) in which I am writing a history of Grinnell College from 1996 – present day. I’ll be writing about the project, the difficulties of tracking down digital resources, and my forays into the “digital humanities”. (More on that soon.)

2. My experiences as a Wellness Technology Intern under Jen Jacobsen’s direction. I’ll be using a variety of methods to encourage wellness and promote wellness events around campus. This internship coincides well with my position as a Hall Wellness Coordinator, and I’m excited to see how the parallel experiences inform and affect one another.

3. Finally, I’ll be posting little things from my life. I’ve got an interesting and engaging set of classes, am involved in a variety of activities, and am exploring a variety of interesting topics. 


Thanks, and I’m glad you’re here.



The Six Dimensions of Wellness


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