Prairie Pictures on the Farm

Prairie Pictures on the Farm

This past week, I went out to my grandparents plot of land outside of Grinnell to take some pictures of the prairie. The farm has always been a wonderfully peaceful place for me to go, and is one of my favorite things about being in Grinnell. It's such an amazing opportunity to get to immerse myself in the pure, unspoiled Iowa prairie. Enjoy the pictures below, and many thanks to my grandparents for making it all possible.



















My wonderful grandparents.

The photographer, out-standing in his field.



2 thoughts on “Prairie Pictures on the Farm

  1. Eric,”my master of ALL”,thanks for sharing your artistic photography with me. I agree ,what a beautiful tranquil place the farm is—& am so happy that even in your youth you are appreciating the unspoiled nature ,& yes ,being grateful,to your maternal grandparents for making it possible! Much love ,Nana,XOX. Sent from my iPad🙋

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