TourGrinnell Now Available!

TourGrinnell Now Available!



TourGrinnell, the campus and historical tour app I built for my Mentored Advanced Project, is now ready for download on both of the major app stores.  It was built for Apple and Android devices and is FREE to download.

It includes a map view marking the locations of the current and past campus buildings, as well as a detailed list view with in-depth information on and many pictures of the various campus buildings of past and present.

Enjoy, and spread the word to Grinnellians everywhere!


Apple (iPhone and iPad) download link:


Android (Phones and Tablets) download link:


My research was recently featured on the Grinnell College website. Check it out here!

Picture by Justin Hayworth of Grinnell College.
Picture by Justin Hayworth of Grinnell College.

2 thoughts on “TourGrinnell Now Available!

  1. Wasn’t sure if this made it to you yesterday or not. Does the app feature a ‘you are here’ so that while walking on campus you could get a feel for ‘where you are’ in the modern day layout. We’re intrigued as part of the new wayfinding/campus visit tour work we’re doing with Grinnell.

    1. Unfortunately, that was one feature I couldn’t get to work for this version of the app due to limitations within Google Maps. However, the project will be open source and another student may end up adding that feature. Thanks for checking it out!

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